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A. International Competition
B. America as a World Power
C. Progressivism
D. Women's Suffrage
E. Beginnings of World War I
F. America in WWI

Essential Questions:

1. What were the results of the rise of Imperialism during the turn of the 20th Century?
2. How was Progressivism advocated by its various proponents during the turn of the 20th Century?
3. How did WWI affect America socially, economically and politically?

Key Terms: Important items, people and events of the era.

-Be sure know why they are important, not just their definitions.

Chapter 17
Imperialism, nationalism, annex, banana republic, Matthew Perry, arbitration, jingoism, Platt Amendment, sphere of influence, Open Door Policy, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, William McKinley, USS Maine, concession, Roosevelt Corollary, dollar diplomacy, moral diplomacy, "big stick" policy, Panama Canal, General Victoriano Herta, Pancho Villa, racism, compulsory, Great White Fleet, Anti-Imperialist
Chapter 18
Progressive Era, muckraker, injunction, The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, Henry George, Edward Bellamy, Socialists, Jane Addams, Florence Kelley, Mother Jones, Social Welfare Program, municipal, home rule, direct primary, initiative, referendum, recall, holding company, conservationist, New Nationalism, Bull Moose Party, Clayton Antitrust Act, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve System, civil disobedience, NAWSA, Congressional Union
Chapter 19
militarism, mobilization, Central Powers, Allies, stalemate, propaganda, Imperialism, nationalism, alliances, assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Schlieffen Plan, U-Boat, Sussex pledge, Zimmermann note, autocrat, Russian Revolution, Selective Service Act, American Expeditionary Force, convoy, zeppelin, armistice, genocide, Liberty Bond, price controls, rationing, daylight saving time, sedition, viligante, Fourteen points, self-determination, spoils, League of Nations, reparations, Versailles Treaty

Questions to Consider:

Chapters 17 and 18:
How is imperialism different from colonialism? Were their goals different?
Explain the four factors that influenced the growth of imperialism.
What caused America to go to war against Spain at the end of the 19th Century?
Why was the Panama Canal built? Explain the reasoning behind location, the method of building, and the influence it has on the world.
What were the main arguments between the anti-imperialists and the imperialists?
Which 19th century movements influenced the growth of progressivism?
What types of reform movements arose during the Progressive Era?
What changes did Progressives want for the government? How did this differ from socialists?
What were the positions of TR, Taft and Wilson on progressive reforms?
What steps were taken to achieve Women's Suffrage? What impact did it make?
How did WWI influence the Progressive Era?

Chapter 19:
Explain the four underlying causes of WWI.
What sparked the beginning of WWI?
How did warfare modernize during WWI?
How and why did America attempt to stay neutral?
What events will draw American into the war?
Why did the Russian Revolution occur? How did this affect WWI?
Why was training so important for the war effort?
What difference did the Americans make in the war in Europe?
What lasting effects did the war leave on Europe? On America?
How did the American government change to promote the war effort?
How could the average American support the war effort?
How did WWI change gender and racial roles?
What issues were discussed at the Paris Peace Conference? What role did Wilson play?
How could decisions made at the end of WWI possibly have led toward WWII?

I'm testing out a next textbook, and anyone want to help? Go to this link and play an online game that references the material we are studying in chapter 19. This review will cover some material that our chapter does not, so don't be worried if you don't know everything. If you play it, send me an email letting me know what you think of it.
-Chapter 19 Interactive Timeline

Class Notes:

Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
17-1 The Pressure to Expand.ppt
17-2a The Spanish-American War.ppt
17-3b A New Foreign Policy.ppt
18-1 The Origins of Progressivism.ppt
18.2 Progressive Legislation.ppt
18.3 Progressivism under Taft and Wilson.ppt
19.2 The US Declares War.ppt
19.3 Americans on the European Front.ppt
19.4 Americans on the Home Front.ppt
(NO BLANKS for 19.4, use it to assist your reading)
19.5 Global Peacemaker.ppt

Unit Review:

Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Guided Readings:
Guided Readings:
Guided Readings:

Chapter 19 Review: A Table Quiz we didn't have time to take in class.

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